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The following day something dragged him black friday ads from his pain-filled stupor. It was a voice. He tried to ignore it, and instead drew his blankets tighter around himself. Sometime later – he didn't know how long – he heard the voice again. It was closer this time, and had been joined by others. Dully, it penetrated through to his consciousness that it was the sound of children's voices. Children! He got to his feet as quickly as he could. They were right outside. He could hear their deals excited chatter. Oh God! If they came near him...


He hurried up the concrete steps, trying not to make a sound but failing miserably, walmart towards the wall with the mosaic of glass cubes. He crouched down. He saw them. They must have entered through the same loose boards he had used to gain entry. It wasn't difficult, after all. From his vantage point, he could see a boy and a girl, both aged about nine or ten, and a younger ads boy around Matthew's age. They must have walked straight past his blankets, his meagre collection of possessions and the growing pile of empty milk cartons.


He guessed the two older children were twins. None of them were wearing school uniforms. Was today a school day? He couldn't remember. He assumed it wasn't, but who on black friday 2016 earth had allowed them to come in here? This place was hardly a playground; it was a hazard. Wow! the older boy said, looking around. Look at this place! We shouldn't go any further, the girl said. Don't black friday deals 2016 be ads stupid. This place is cool. Dad won't like it. You go back then. I wanna explore. Well, Jimmy definitely shouldn't be in here. The younger boy darted ahead of them.


I'm not going back! he shouted. If you're gonna be in here, so'm I. Christian couldn't stay where he was: they were coming in his deals direction. The set of steps he had ascended was the only obvious way up from the ground floor. He tried to move quietly, black friday 2016 but it was virtually impossible amid all the shattered glass, litter and rubble. He had to move when their voices masked the sound of his footsteps. Don't go upstairs, said the girl. Why not? the older boy said. No one's here. Christian tiptoed away from the steps, moving from pillar to pillar. The children were coming up to the first floor.